Innovative Educational Environment in the Conditions of Educational Reform: Neuropsychological Approach

Larysa PIECHKA, Mykhailo HONCHAR, Myroslav KOVAL, Myroslava KUSIY, Andrii LYTVYN, Nataliia LEVCHUK


The article is devoted to the neuropsychological approach to the organization of an innovative environment in the context of education reform. Attention is focused on the fact that now pedagogical workers note an increase in the number of children who have learning difficulties and behavior problems. The concepts of "neuropsychology" and "child neuropsychology" are considered. Focused on leading figures of domestic and foreign neuropsychology. Manuals and articles of domestic and foreign scientists on the relevance of the neuropsychological aspect in school practice are covered. The main tasks of neuropsychology are determined. It has been found that in the foreign literature there are many modern publications on the concept of "school neuropsychology", which provide many different corrective exercises, which are addressed to teachers, psychologists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists in working with children. It is emphasized that the psychomotor development of the child is manifested in his speech, gestures, writing, emotional state. The following pattern has been noted: in order for children to learn better, they need to move more. It is emphasized that modern teachers desperately need knowledge of neuropsychology to succeed in working with today's children. The significance of the use of neuropsychological techniques in the educational process is revealed. The focus is on speech skills, which are closely related to fine motor skills. Kinesiology exercises have been shown to play an important role in the functioning of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Examples of moving exercises that improve the functioning of the child's brain are given. 


neuropsychology, school neuropsychology, higher mental functions, kinesiology, sensorimotor correction, finger gymnastics

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