The Participatory Behaviour and the Students’ Adaptability in the Online Environment during the Pandemic

Roxana Maier


Changing the relational environment from face-to-face to the online one led to new problems regarding the student classroom’s functionality, which led to the students’ difficulties in relation to the new situation and the adaptability process. In this new context brought by the pandemic, the relationship’s dynamic between student’s changes, as well as the one between students and teachers. The endeavour includes the analysis of a small group of students, who resorted to therapy throughout the lockdown, to remit the difficulties that emerged due to the teaching environment’s change from face-to-face to the online medium. The objectives’ focus highlighted the participatory behaviour’s optimization of the students in the new conditions, the enhancement of the students’ wellbeing’s, in order to optimally face the teaching process and finish the academic year.


online, student, therapy, adaptability, wellbeing

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