The Influence of the Professional Orientation of Students of Different Gender on Their Ideas of Happiness



In the conditions of unstable political, economic and social development of society the problem of quality of life, well-being, satisfaction of each citizen of the country acquires special importance. Research has shown that happiness is determined by various factors (age, marital, social and financial status, physiological status, social relations, personal characteristics), its level changes throughout life and can be corrected by certain psychological methods of influence. The purpose of our study was to study the state of development of the problem of happiness and study the content of the ideas of young people about happiness, their characteristics depending on gender and professional orientation. In order to study the peculiarities of the young generation's ideas about happiness, we studied 250 third-year students aged 20 to 22 years of various specialties. The researched questionnaire was asked to answer the questions, the analysis of which helped to make generalized conclusions about their ideas about happiness. The most of students rate their level of happiness as high or medium. But their level of happiness is much higher than their level of success, which can lead to a contradiction between the desire for success and happiness. This state of affairs requires correction of the content of ideas about happiness in adolescence by providing educational information about awareness of success as a process of self-realization and a component of happiness, the desire for integrated satisfaction of both material and spiritual needs for full personal development.


success; psychological well-being; subjective well-being; life satisfaction; personal identity; self-actualization; meaning of life; emotional comfort; harmony;

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