Linear Programming Tool for the Optimization of Mixed Biomass Fuel Recipes

Dorin Alexandru Ionica, Stefan Alfred Maris, Raluca Dicu, Simina Maris


In the quest for new, innovative energy sources, an important place is held by renewable energy obtained from biomass. Solid biofuels (pellets and briquettes) obtained from one or more types of biomass are easy to obtain and ready to hand. However, one cannot achieve true technological innovation without performing a modicum of academic research. This paper presents a linear programming tool which can be used to determine the most efficient mixture of biomass in terms of calorific value and with respect to constraints imposed by international standards (noxes and ash content). To this end, a database of raw materials existent in the area was built. The properties of the biofuels were modeled based on the properties of their components, through previously validated mathematical models and formulas.


Linear Programming; Mathematical Modeling; Optimization; Biofuels

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