Psycho-Oncology Support

Laura Rebegea, Dorel Firescu, Ginel Baciu, Anamaria Ciubara


Background: Malignant diseases represent one of the most important worldwide morbidity and mortality causes. In Romania, the number of new cancer cases is 78800/year and the number of cancer deaths is 48300/year. In Galati County the number of oncology patients under observation is continuously increasing, ranging from 11426 cases in 2008 to 17083 cases in 2017. Methods and materials: We are presenting psycho-oncology reactions manifested by an oncology patient during his evolution from pre-therapeutic evaluation, to diagnostic set-up, treatment and further evolution. Anxiety and depression prevalence among oncology patients vary in very large limits, function of malignant site, but also, within the pale of the same disease, the highest incidence of depression being in patients with breast, lung, colorectal, head and neck cancers. In the specialty literature the following influence factors for psychological and psychiatrically reactions are mentioned: age, neoplasia sites, emotional, psychological status, and depressive status prior to cancer diagnostic. Psychic reactions are various and variable from one patient to another, progressing from denial, revolt, anger, sadness, anxiety to depression and suicidal tendencies. Taking into consideration that depression BRAIN – Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience Volume 10, Special Issue (June, 2019), ISSN 2067-3957 78 symptoms are overlapping with those given by neoplasia itself and with toxicities of the oncologic treatment, the evolution of depression is complicated.

Conclusions: The polymorphism of psycho-oncology reactions manifested on the entire route of malignant diseases requires psychological counseling in all disease stages. Efficient communication with the oncologic patient, psychological counseling of patient, of their family, of medical staff and group therapy can be achieved only with specialized personnel employed in oncology centers: psychologist, psychiatrist, social assistant, and priest.


Psycho-Oncology Reactions; Patient; Depression

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