Are We Safe Enough in the Future of Artificial Intelligence? A Discussion on Machine Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Safety

Utku Köse


Nowadays, there is a serious anxiety on the existence of dangerous intelligent systems and it is not just a science-fiction idea of evil machines like the ones in well-known Terminator movie or any other movies including intelligent robots – machines threatening the existence of humankind. So, there is a great interest in some alternative research works under the topics of Machine Ethics, Artificial Intelligence Safety and the associated research topics like Future of Artificial Intelligence and Existential Risks. The objective of this study is to provide a general discussion about the expressed research topics and try to find some answers to the question of ‘Are we safe enough in the future of Artificial Intelligence?’. In detail, the discussion includes a comprehensive focus on ‘dystopic’ scenarios, enables interested researchers to think about some ‘moral dilemmas’ and finally have some ethical outputs that are considerable for developing good intelligent systems. From a general perspective, the discussion taken here is a good opportunity to improve awareness on the mentioned, remarkable research topics associated with not only Artificial Intelligence but also many other natural and social sciences taking role in the humankind.


artificial intelligence; machine learning; machine ethics, artificial intelligence safety; future of artificial intelligence

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