Approximation Solutions of Boundary-contact Problems of Non-classical Diffusion Models Coupled-elasticity

Manana Chumburidze, David Lekveishvili, Elza Bitsadze


In this article we formulate and analyze a class of diffusion PDE models for oscillation systems of coupled–elasticity in 2-D bounded domains. Approximate method in Green-Lindsay formulation with thermal and diffusion relaxation times has been developed. Basic Boundarycontact problems for isotropic inhomogeneous finite and infinite media with the inclusion of piecewise elastic material in assumptions that surface is sufficiently smooth have been investigated. The tools applied in this development are based on singular integral equations, Laplace transform, the potential method, Green’s Tensors and generalized Fourier series analysis.


Approximate method; Boundary-contact problems; coupled thermo-diffusion

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