Using the Genetic Algorithm for the Optimization of Dynamic School Bus Routing Problem

Özkan Ünsal, Tuncay Yiğit


Vehicle routing problems (VRP) are complicated problems, which can be encountered in a variety of different fields and are not possible to solve using conventional methods. Thanks to the technological advancements in areas such as the global positioning system (GPS), geographical information systems (GIS), mobile communication networks, and traffic sensors, it is now possible to solve the VRP in a dynamic and real-time manner. In this study, the school bus routing problem (SBRP), which is a sub-branch of VRPs, was optimized by means of an application developed using Genetic Algorithms(GA), which is one of the heuristic methods. By using the application developed based on mobile communication and GPS, the instantaneous locations of stops and the school bus were determined and the shortest and most convenient route for the vehicle to follow was dynamically identified. The experimental results obtained at the end of this study showed that the existing school bus routes can be optimized using GA and therefore the costs associated with the routing can be reduced.


vehicle routing problem; dynamic school bus routing problem, genetic algorithms; optimization

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