AIDEN: A Density Conscious Artificial Immune System for Automatic Discovery of Arbitrary Shape Clusters in Spatial Patterns

Vishwambhar Pathak, Praveen Dhyani, Prabhat Mahanti


Recent efforts in modeling of dynamics of the natural immune cells leading to artificial immune systems (AIS) have ignited contemporary research interest in finding out its analogies to real world problems. The AIS models have been vastly exploited to develop dependable robust
solutions to clustering. Most of the traditional clustering methods bear limitations in their capability to detect clusters of arbitrary shapes in a fully unsupervised manner. In this paper the recognition and communication dynamics of T Cell Receptors, the recognizing elements in innate immune
system, has been modeled with a kernel density estimation method. The model has been shown to successfully discover non spherical clusters in spatial patterns. Modeling the cohesion of the antibodies and pathogens with ‘local influence’ measure inducts comprehensive extension of the
antibody representation ball (ARB), which in turn corresponds to controlled expansion of clusters and prevents overfitting.


Artificial Immune System, Density Based Clustering, spatial patterns

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