Neuropsychological and Personality Development of Adolescents with Depressive Disorders

Nelia BIHUN, Tetiana PASHKO, Yuliia DANCHUK, Tamara KRYVONIS, Siagha SAMI, Nataliia IVANIKIV


The article provides a theoretical and methodological analysis of the neuropsychological and personality development of adolescents with depressive disorders. The equal role of biological and psychological factors in the development of adolescent depression is emphasized. The neuropsychological symptom complex of depressive disorders in adolescence is considered. The emotional and motivational features of personal development in the context of adolescent neurodevelopment are analyzed. We have noted strong mutual influences of neuropsychological and personal development of an adolescent; neurohormonal mechanisms of child behavior; connection of neuropsychological mechanisms of depressive disorders of psychogenic origin and character accentuations of asthenic, hypotensive, hysteroid type; propensity of teenagers to reactive depression with sensitive and labile character accentuations.To effectively prevent suicides, neuropsychocorrection of mental states in adolescents and implementation of a sociopsychological program for their personal development, and timely diagnosis of symptoms of depression and psychotherapeutic intervention have been proposed. A program for the development of emotional self-regulation in adolescents with depressive disorders and neuropsychological correction of their depressive states has been developed. A preventive and psycho-corrective program for expanding internal resources, reducing the risk of suicidal tendencies and overcoming depressive disorders in an adolescent, taking into account neuropsychological and personal developmental features of adolescence, has been proposed.


Suicidal behavior, character accentuations, psychopathies, psychotraumatic situations, depressive states, nervous system, adolescent crisis

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