The Attitudes of Teacher Candidates towards the Gamification Process in Education

Huseyin BICEN, Burak DEMIR, Zohre SERTTAS


In this study, pre-service teachers' attitudes towards the gamification process were discussed. Descriptive scanning method, one of the quantitative methods, was used in the study, and the data were analyzed and tabulated. The Gamification process scale developed by Baydaş and Çiçek was used to collect the data to be used. A total of 67 teacher candidates, including 42 special education and 25 classroom teachers, participated in the study. The data obtained from the pre-service teachers were taken online via Google Form due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The teacher candidates gave answers to the 6 dimensions of the scale regarding Competition, Fun, Busy, Outcome Expectation, Effect on Learning and Intention to Use in the Future.


Education, gamification in education, e-learning, mobile learning

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