Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Gambling

Bogdan DINU, Ciprian VLAD, Gabriela BALAN, Liliana LUCA, Cezar Ionut BICHESCU


Introduction. Gambling is a well-known social issue, which seems to address immediate needs of a large portion of population in the entire world. Throughout various periods of curfews enacted by the medical authorities, the society experiences various challenges, a fact that puts a great amount of psychological pressure on gamblers and their families, that is rather difficult to be asssessed.

Aim. The presentation seeks to assess the effects of anti-pandemic social measures, especially those imposed after March 2020, on mental wellfare and behaviour of bettors. By assessing the intentions and measures related to sport competitions in the near future, we tried to identify the overall impact on spending routines and lifestyle from any available data.

Materials and method. The paper found sources in the psychological and medical literature in order to identify spending routines of bettors and pathological behaviours, as expressed in DSM-5. The paper also discusses the factors introduced into society by coronavirus and the restrictions that accompanied the phenomenon of gambling. Sources from the international media are used to assess the intended measures upon gambling industry and the possible general impact on the mental health of the Romanian population.

Results. The changes of some social routines, imposed upon population in the context of coronavirus, are simply supposed to be accompanied by increases in depression and anxiety. The new economic and societal challenges bring with them the risk of increasing mental health disturbances among the gamblers.

Conclusion. Worldwide gambling spending has decreased during the pandemic. Various attempts of assessing whether this is a bad phenomenon or not should take into consideration the amount of money left in the economy by these measures, the unpaid taxes from a reduced activity in gambling, the psychiatric impact upon diagnosed gamblers. New lockdowns imposed on the population are possible in the near future, so better ways to deal with the impact upon gamblers are necessary.


bettors, Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, curfews, gambling

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