The E-truth. Changes in the Perception of Truth under the Impact of Cyberspace

Dan Gabriel Sîmbotin


The changes regarding the perception of reality under the impact of the development of information technologies also determined the conceptual rethinking of the truth. In this article we briefly follow the limits of the epistemic integration of the cyberspace, the need to develop new methodological perspectives and introduce a new concept of synthesis: the e-truth. It is viewed from the perspective of seeking truth in relation to data processing, computational simulation, AI and VR development. This research must be performed from the perspective of the epistemic-ontic correspondence using a positivist methodology correlated to the cyberspace (e-positivism). Finally, we briefly review the construction of the e-truth within the context of the pandemic caused by Covid 19.


e-truth, e-positivism, post-truth, cyberspace, COVID-19

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