Pre-Service Teachers' Readiness Levels for Mobile Learning

Huseyin Bicen, Burak Demir, Zohre Serttas


The purpose of this research is to determine how active the students are participating in the mobile learning process, as well as how active the distance education mobile learning and technological tools are in education due to the Covid-19 epidemic in today's world. determination. With this, the Mobile Learning Readiness Scale adapted by Şata, Çorbacı and Koyuncu (2019) was used in this study. The scale consists of three dimensions: optimism towards mobile learning, self-directed learning and self-efficacy. The participants of the study, on the other hand, consist of 25 Primary Education students and 42 Special Education students who are continuing their education life in the Northern Cyprus. It was concluded that their readiness for mobile learning was high.


Education, Online Education, Mobile learning

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