Personal Reflection Development as Means of Forming Culture of Scientific Text Perception by Humanitarians



The paper presents the structure, contents, principles of the organization of the forming experiment on personal reflection development, the results, the interpretation and conclusions of the research. The program of development of creative abilities during the process of understanding the scientific text is described and tested, and it testifies about the significance of creative interpretation for the success of educational and professional activity of students of Humanities of higher educational institutions. The purpose of the paper is to prove that the process of creative interpretation promotes text understanding, determines the formation of adaptive strategies of behavior and reduces the probability of occurrence of stereotyped and maladaptation strategies. The forming activities include training for developing creative abilities, in which group discussion, psychotechnical and psychotherapeutic exercises, elements of psychoanalysis (psychoanalysis, symbol-drama) are used. The paper explores and discusses a concept of personal reflection, which has been used as a means of forming culture of perception of the scientific text during 2019-2020 among the students of the Humanities Faculty at Khmelnytsky National University, Ukraine. In conclusion, the author emphasizes the guided questions for the development of personal reflection as a means of forming culture of perception of the scientific text by humanitarians. Besides, the paper lists and explores benefits and drawbacks of interpretation levels (scientific, emotional-sensitive, creative) and their relations due to the components of intellect, strategies of interpreted behavior, success of educational and professional activity and creativity.


scientific text; perception; reflection; creativity; intellect; interpretation;

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