The Issue of Dentophobia among Young Adults during the Pandemic

Dorina STAN, Liliana LUCA, Dragos Cristian VOICU, Ana-Catalina CHIROSCA, Stefan Lucian BURLEA


We intend to present the results of an on-going study started in pandemic concerning dentophobia as a health problem. Our aim was to correlate the level of health education with the feeling of fear of dentistry and anxiety in young population during the pandemic. We used an anonymous online questionnaire on a group of 45 subjects aged 18-55. The results of this on-going study up to this stage show that despite the pandemic, there is a concern of young adults about about oral hygiene and dental issues as part of the overall health of the subjects investigated. The need to implement psycho-educational dentistry programs still exists.


dentistry; dentophobia; psycho-education; pandemic;

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