Schizophrenia and the Family Burden during the Pandemic

Ioana-Maria MARIN, Maria PETROPOLOU, Liliana BAROIU, Ana-Catalina CHIROSCA, Lucretia ANGHEL, Liliana LUCA


This article focuses on the issue of the burden that families with people with schizophre-nia in care are confronted with.

The pandemic caused significant disruption to the family dynamics of people caring for individuals with schizophrenia due to their higher risk of infection and worse outcomes.

Families with patients with schizophrenia should pay close attention to detect both res-piratory and psychiatric symptoms as early as possible. They may need health care pro-fessional support, guidance and help to prevent COVID-19 infection among people di-agnosed with schizophrenia. However, the issue of the difficulties that families with people diagnosed with schizophrenia face remains a serious matter.


family burden; pandemic; schizophrenia;

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