Information Approach to Evaluating Effectiveness of the Marine Surface Monitoring System Functioning

Valentyn Mazur, Mykhailo Strelbitskyi, Oleksandr Meiko, Denys Hulevatyi, Serhii Sinkevych, Ihor Bloshchynskyi, Andrii Karpushyn


The article shows that the main purpose of the Border Guard Agency's marine surface monitoring system is the information support of the decision making. To achieve this purpose such tasks were performed: provided rationale for the indicators of the marine surface monitoring system effectiveness; developed the analytical models for determining indicators of reliability, completeness, operational efficiency processed by the marine surface monitoring system; developed an analytical model of the integral indicator of evaluating the efficiency of the marine surface monitoring system functioning; investigated the results of applying the information approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the marine surface monitoring system in different circumstances. The choice of system effectiveness indicators has been justified. It is stated that the composion of indicators of reliability, completeness and operational efficiency corresponds to the properties of the information resource of the marine surface monitoring system. A formal description of these indicators has been made and an integral indicator of the effective functioning of the marine surface monitoring system has been formed. The obtained value of the integral effectiveness indicator allowed to compare the results of modeling with the standard value of the effectiveness indicator and justified the managerial solution on the use of operational resources at the maritime border area.


reliability; completeness; operational efficiency; marine surface monitoring system; effectiveness; indicator

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