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A New Astronomical Chapter in Bacău

November 30, 1976, is a remarkable date for the city of Bacovia. The old house of Criste Cristoveanu has become over the years one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Bacău. The string of years has continued to surprise through considerable achievements, such as the one in 1978, when the operating […]

The Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi

A friendly handshake and a large smile set the tone for a new adventure, breaking the cloudy weather and the rainy mood with the positive vibration of optimism. I have O. by my side, a genuine tourist and a charming French woman with an overflowing refinement, in front of who any gloomy hint on my […]

The Palace of Culture from Iași

The Palace of Culture from Iași represents the expression of romanticism inspired from the official architecture, being built between 1906-1925, in neo-Gothic style, it was officially inaugurated in 1926, by the second King of Modern Romania, Ferdinand of Hohenzollern. This palace is perceived as being the most important creation of I. D. Berindei, a Romanian […]

Neamt Citadel  – a Moldavian treasure, a symbol of national identity

The holiday atmosphere, the sand fragrance and the desire of feeling the sea- all these brought home from Bulgaria. But here we arrived again, engaged in an office chair, continuously struggling to grip our minds full of fleeting thoughts and make it stand motionless in front of the computer. The little imp… it would not […]

Romania – My Beautiful Country

Between green plains, ancient mountains and the vast Black Sea, Romania is a land which has been blessed with an energy beyond compare. The three important historical regions, Moldavia in the East, Transylvania in the West, and Wallachia in the South, share the same people, yet the cultural influences and geographical particularities have molded their […]

Melk Abbey – the Kingdom of Christianity

A spiritual place which binds the past with the present on an axe of more than one thousand years, lies today under the sun of Austria, where the European monastic Christianity embodies an earthly kingdom. Melk Abbey, which is a Benedictine abbey, watches over the town of Melk from a rocky outcrop overlooking the Wachau […]

The Rarău-Giumalău Mountains

General Presentation The Rarău-Giumalău Mountains represent a massif situated in the North of the Oriental Carpathians, between the Moldova and Bistriţa Valleys, and they pertain to the Bucovina Mountains. They are formed of crystalline schists and Mesozoic limestones. Their maximum height is of 1653 meters, and it is reached by the peak of The Rarău […]

Mures, an Affluent of the Past

General Characteristics Mures is the biggest affluent of Tisa, and a main affluent of the Danube. The river, which crosses the city with the same name, springs from the Hasmasu Mare massif, drains Gheorgheni Rau Depression, and it is the left affluent of Tisa: 756 km (of which 718,5 km on Romanian territory). It also […]

Padis Karst Plateau – an Impressive Landscaping Area

General Data This plateau (from Bihor county) is situated at a height of 1200-1400 m, and it constitutes one of the most precious, fancy, and impressive landscape area of the Apuseni Mountains and the Romanian Carpathians, possessing a rich and diversified range of karst phenomena. Among these can be noted by their greatness and frequency […]


General geographical aspects Romania is situated in the South-East of Central Europe, north from the Balkan Peninsula, in the Lower Danube Basin. It borders Hungary at North-West, at East it borders Ukraine, The Moldavian Republic, and the Black Sea, at South Bulgaria, at South and South-West Serbia, and at North again Ukraine. Romania’s surface is […]