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Women in education and science fields

Science is knowledge and knowledge is power.1 (Sir Francis Bacon) Science and education have an important role in developing civilizations. As we see it today, working got easier and done in better conditions.  As far back as ancient times, scholars and learners have contributed to creating strong pillars to sustain and improve scientific treasure, through […]

Women and Girls in STEM

STEM education has become more and more important, and it is required for an interconnected global economy. The acronym refers to a range of academic disciplines, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, meant to bring a significant and beneficial contribution to the training offered by the education system in these fields. They provide workforce […]

Femeia în educație și știință

Science is knowledge and knowledge is power.1 (Sir Francis Bacon) Știința și educația au avut un rol important în dezvoltarea civilizațiilor. Începând de la ușurarea muncii umane până la mărirea nivelului de comfort al acesteia așa cum o vedem în prezent. Încă din vremuri antice, cărturarii și învățăceii prin cercetări, experimente reușite și nu prea, au pus […]