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Before Sunrise – A “Once Upon a Time” Story

I have observed that movies which transpose the intensity of emotions, of honest feelings, but which have a simple action, have been isolated to the detriment of those mushy movies which have a rich and spectacular action. A movie I have seen a long time ago has caught my eye, and I really enjoyed watching […]

Andrei Tarkovski – The Genius of the Russian Film Industry

Andrei Tarkovski (4 April 1932 – 29 December 1986), is part of the area of the most copious directors in the history of film industry due to his innovative creative vision. He was born in Zavraje and his parents were Arseni Aleksandrovici and Maria Ivanovna Vişniakova. Andrei Tarkovski revolutionized the cinematic perspective, introducing a new […]

Andrei Tarkovski – I want to preserve the level of quality

Andrei Tarkovski is one of the most outstanding directors of the Soviet period. Born on 4 April 1932, he has to face a difficult path with unpleasant events during times of hostility for society. At a rather young age he witnesses the divorce of his parents, a fact that would cause considerable changes in his […]

Alfred Hitchcock – In Search of Suspense

Due to his double statute of director and film producer, Alfred Hitchcock (13 August 1899 – 29 April 1980) impresses posterity with fierce labour and remarkable talent transposed into over 50 films directed. He was born in London, where he carried out his astonishing cinematographic activity for a long time, and then he developed his […]