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Christmas and Its Many Faces

Christmas is a time of giving, sharing and loving, when everyone puts aside their problems and spends time with their loved ones, spreading love all around them. However, Christmas has many faces, many different traditions and beliefs rooted in the culture of every country that celebrates it. The symbols and origins of this festive day […]

A New Astronomical Chapter in Bacău

November 30, 1976, is a remarkable date for the city of Bacovia. The old house of Criste Cristoveanu has become over the years one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of Bacău. The string of years has continued to surprise through considerable achievements, such as the one in 1978, when the operating […]

The Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi

A friendly handshake and a large smile set the tone for a new adventure, breaking the cloudy weather and the rainy mood with the positive vibration of optimism. I have O. by my side, a genuine tourist and a charming French woman with an overflowing refinement, in front of who any gloomy hint on my […]

Popa Museum

It’s nice to visit. It’s nice to take a walk on a joyful summer day. It’s nice to let your hair caressed by playful rays and blue eyes get lost in the blue sky. But these beautiful ideas crumble within hours, being replaced with more plastic expressions, when you feel like the sun beat your […]

The Thesaurus of Falticeni

If a tired passerby would be walking on the street, he would turn his head to admire it. Delighting the eye from the distance, here is the place of honor of the city of Falticeni, having its foundation in history. You can read its rank as a monument in its distinguished architecture, wearing its solemn […]

Visit at the Palace

Here we are, again in Iasi, sprinkling steps on historical streets that take us into the heart of culture. There’s a saying according to which all roads lead to Rome, but in the capital of Moldova somehow all roads lead to the Palace. Especially now, that everyone has heard about the reopening. Lured by the […]

The Palace of Culture from Iași

The Palace of Culture from Iași represents the expression of romanticism inspired from the official architecture, being built between 1906-1925, in neo-Gothic style, it was officially inaugurated in 1926, by the second King of Modern Romania, Ferdinand of Hohenzollern. This palace is perceived as being the most important creation of I. D. Berindei, a Romanian […]

Zile cu soare pentru cultura română

Nucleul culturii băcăuane a vibrat de idei luminoase în zilele de 22 şi 23 ale lunii aprilie, 2016, primind în aer de sărbatoare feţe de seamă ale artei sub toate formele ei. Un şir de “Întâlniri esenţiale” a concentrat frumosul în clipe memorabile, petrecute în compania unor minţi alese, capabile de a cuprinde în cuvinte […]

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi is the oldest public university in Romania and one of the advanced research and education institutions in the country. It was founded a year after the establishment of the Romanian state, by a decree given in 1860 by Alexandru Ioan Cuza, under whom the former Academia Mihăileană was converted into a university. Known at first […]