Promenade on a Jewel

11128596_967643219942431_978100048_nThe sun is dancing on the sky. Or, better said, its rays are dancing in our eyes! And we are dancing on earth, in promenade steps, and on laziness rhythm. Today we don’t wanna to know about worries, troubles, and head or heart aches. It’s the day of EduSoft Team. Well, we’re not really celebrating anything, it’s just we’ve taken some free time to spend together, as a wonderful and modest team we are…We woke up in the morning, and hit the road to the closest resort we knew. And this is how we’ve gotten once again to Slanic Moldova.

To me this place is kind of a backyard: always close and beautiful, always the best place to relax. The rocks covered with forests guard the entrance to the nature’s city, announcing its beauty. To me they’re like candies, for I rejoice like a kid every time I see them, as if I were a 5 year old who sees a remote candy shop. A lot of memories bind me to Slanic, and every place I gaze at bears an episode of my previous visits. I’ve always been happy in this place, and now this happiness welcomes me at my every arrival. And so I enter the resort with a smile on my face, and the resort smiles back at me. I say hello to each building, street, and tree I encounter.

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It’s the first time I come here with my team, so I’m experimenting a new feeling. I’m creating another memory which will enlarge my bouquet of thoughts that will bloom in my mind the next time I’ll come here.

After a lunch at the basis of the mountains, with the Slanic river whistling on the background, we took a walk on the park’s alleys. It is more beautiful than ever, decorated with a confusing precision. When you gaze at it from the top, so much beauty puzzles you. Everything is perfectly alienated, perfectly clean, perfectly splendid, just perfect! It’s like a diamond ring which glows before your eyes. And on the background there is a fir forest which covers the mountains, and luxurious villas high up on the rocks. You can’t decide where you wanna look first; a gloomy sky is the only place where you can rest your eyes from so much beauty. Bu today is sunny, and the sky is painted in blue, caressed by crystal rays which complete the amazing view. It is right to say that the center of Slanic is a true gem.

11212402_967643286609091_1895827090_nWe wanted to add a drop of story perfume to it. And so we took the way of the springs. Preserving the old architecture, the rock is wearing thick stone walls, while in the shape of the stairs can be guessed the beauty of a castle which sleeps covered by centuries. You can hear the water that flows from every different spring. They sing an enchanted song which fills the imagination. They want to say something, but all the ear perceives is allurement. They hum with each other all the way to the cascade, where the spell is broken and the sound of life are heard again. People who stopped here to rest fill the place with vitality and joy at the forest’s entrance.

With the lungs filled with fresh air we finally head home, for the night is falling over the mystery between the mountains. We finally leave Slanic behind. It knows we’ll come back, though. As a team, or separately, we’ve promised in silence that we will miss our memories from today, and the steps will carry us once again to the place where we’ve left our thoughts.

Gabriela Tăbăcaru